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Walking in morning`s first light 06 December 2017

There is no better way to start the day than with a good brisk walk. I like to get up early to exercise and make the most of my mornings as it helps me to prepare to tackle my day ahead. The energy boost I get from walking on the beach with my dog is part of my regular exercise to keep body, soul and mind fit and healthy.... Read More

Curb Appeal – which door would you prefer to go through? 06 December 2017

Transformation need not come at a cost if carefully thought through from the beginning. I was involved in a project this year in the UK on a ‘very tight budget". A bit of thought and time can make all the difference to your property, whether renting or selling, it has to appeal from the start.... Read More

My homemade Chilli Oil recipe 06 December 2017

I love making dressings. It saves money on expensive shop-bought varieties, tastes so much better and it makes a perfect gift too. Whilst traveling in Corfu this summer, I made bottles of it using locally grown organic oil, rosemary and garlic – so easy and so delicious.... Read More

Lighting - the importance of getting it right 06 December 2017

Lighting is often overlooked, even at the planning stage of the build. Optimising the use of natural light and complementing it with the right artificial light, both inside and outside the home, is one of the most important elements of good interior design.... Read More